Wild Rift Ruleset

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Red Bull organizes the Red Bull M.E.O. Season 4 (the “Tournament”) on Wild Rift (the “Game”), as described below.

FACEIT Ltd is registered at Millbank Tower Faceit 25th Floor, 21-24 Millbank, London, England, SW1P 4QP.

Red Bull and FACEIT Ltd  are hereinafter referred together as the “Organizers”.

Official Ruleset

The Red Bull Tournaments Rules (the “Official Ruleset”) establish the rules of tournament play, including rules governing without limitation, player eligibility, conditions of residence, tournament structure, code of conduct, etc. By registering and participating in any Tournament, you fully accept all of the provisions of these Official Ruleset.

No purchase of any kind will increase the chances of winning the Tournaments. The chances of winning a Tournament are entirely dependent on the skill, talent and individual expertise of each player.

Conditions of Eligibility

Players participating in the Tournaments must meet the eligibility requirements as described below. The Organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to verify participants’ eligibility requirements by any reasonable means and at any step of the Tournaments.

The Organizer shall not take any responsibility for your compliance with local laws and visa requirements.

Regional Eligibility

Participants must be citizens, or legal residents for at least 6 months of an eligible country in which the Tournament takes place, as indicated on the Tournament page. The list of eligible countries for a Tournament is outlined in the page of the Tournament. Some Tournaments may be limited to only residents of one country (e.g. French resident for French Online Qualifier; Italian resident for Italian Online Qualifier,…).

In addition, the regional eligibility of the team composition for a Tournament may only require a specific number of players to be resident of the eligible countries as outlined in the page of the Tournament (e.g.: 2 players must be resident from a specific country and the 3 other players can be resident of other countries).

You may only participate in the Tournament so long as your participation does not violate applicable local laws. You are responsible for ensuring that your participation is not in violation with the laws of the jurisdiction in which you are a resident, and you must take all steps necessary to ensure such compliance.

Age Requirements

Age requirements are indicated on the page of the Tournament and depend on each respective Online Qualifier (as defined below). Players must be over the age indicated on the page at the date of which the match takes place.

The tournament organizer reserves the right to conduct age verifications from any player or team at any stage of the tournaments.


The name, logo, or any content used by the player (e.g.: nickname) or a team shall not contain any content that is offensive, insulting, abusive, threatening, vulgar, obscene, sexual, racist, defamatory, contrary or likely to harm the interests of the Organizers, and more generally any element which is unethical, of esport values, or objectionable by a legislative or regulatory provision in force.

Teams Composition

Teams participating in a Tournament must have 4 players (one captain and three other players). Teams may also designate one substitute player at the moment they register to the Tournament.

All team members must respect the conditions of eligibility outlined in the page of the Tournament.

Teams are not authorized to make changes in their composition during the Tournament, except as otherwise agreed by the Organized for serious reasons on a case-by-case basis (e.g.: physical inability of a player to continue the Tournament). Changes must always comply with the conditions of eligibility and submitted to the Organizer for approval within a reasonable time before the next match of the team. The Organizer shall always have the possibility to refuse the change of a team composition.

Teams can change their roster on the tournament page at any point before an event. After an event or tournament has started, any roster change needs to be approved by the tournament administration beforehand. Teams are allowed to change any player on the team, but need to keep at least 2 players of the original roster during the entire tournament run.


Teams are allowed on any device that is officially supported by Wild Rift during open qualifiers and regional finals.

Additional Requirements

The Organizer reserves the right to refuse the registration of any player who is or has ever been banned or sanctioned in any way or for any reason by the Organizer of a previous Tournament or by any other third party organizer.

You must have a valid video game copy on your mobile, a valid game account, and an internet connection to participate in the Tournament.

The player agrees to perform all the necessary tests to ensure that his or her equipment is working properly before the tournament begins. The player agrees that his or her equipment is configured with a version of the video game that is legal or legally acquired and that is fully up to date. The player agrees that his or her accessories contain no parts or software that could adversely affect the proceedings of the Tournament.

For security reasons, the Organizers may forbid the use of certain materials, software or accessories, a list of which will be communicated to the player or players by the day of the Tournament at the latest. 

In the case that game companies or broadcasting crew require players to install and use any additional software or security tools or the safety and quality of the broadcast during the course of the tournament, organizers will contact the players to get their consent.

Additional Requirements for the Season 4 Regional Finals

All contestants of the Regional Finals are obliged to fulfill the requirements requested during the qualifier events. Players may be required to provide the documentation provided during the qualifier events again, if requested through official event communication channels such as eligibility documents or game account information.

Tournament Structure

Match and Game Settings: Settings for each map are listed on the specific tournament pages on the tournament pages.

The tournament will be run in a SWISS Group Stage, followed by Single Elimination playoffs, depending on the amount of teams signed up to the events, the format will look as follows:

  • 1-8 Teams: All teams immediately advance to the Single Elimination Playoffs
  • 9-15 Teams: SWISS Group Stage with 2 groups, the top 4 of each group advance to the Single Elimination Playoffs
  • 16-32 Teams: SWISS Group Stage with 4 groups, the top 2 of each group advance to the Single Elimination Playoffs


Each team captain must register his or her team to the Tournament on and also provide all necessary information, which he or she will certify as accurate and complete.

The Organizers reserve the right to verify, by any means necessary, the authenticity of the information provided about the players in order to validate their participation in the Tournament, in particular their age, their identity and the ownership of their game account or of their account.

As the number of players who can register for a Tournament is limited, registration requests will be accepted by the Organizers in the order in which the registration request has been received by the Organizers (i.e.: “first come, first served basis”).

The Organizers reserve the right to invite one or more teams to the tournament.

In the event a team provides inaccurate information, the Organizers can either ask the captain of the team to modify the information provided or disqualify the team and cancel their participation in the Tournament for non-compliance with the conditions of eligibility.

General Settings

For each match, the gameplay settings are defined by default by the Organizers.

Start of Pick / Ban Process

Once all ten players have reported to the official game lobby, both teams will confirm on the communication tool hosted by Riot Partner Operator that they are ready for the pick/ban phase. Once both teams confirm readiness, the room owner should start the game. 

Recording of Pick / Ban Process

Picks/bans will proceed through the client’s Draft Pick feature. If picks/bans are completed substantially in advance of game setup, at the instruction and discretion of Riot Partner Operator officials, the Riot Partner Operator officials will record the official picks/bans and manually abort the game start.

Side Selection

The left team in the tournament matchroom will be considered the higher seeded team and will pick the blue or red side.

Match results

Every player is required to take a screenshot of the end of game result screen and keep them for at least 14 days until the match has ended.

Results will be entered into the tournament by the tournament administration.

Each team has the possibility, within five (5) minutes of the end of a match, to contact the Organizers to contest the result of a match.

In the event a team files a complaint about the result of a match, the Organizer can require the teams involved to send screenshots or video evidence in order to address the complaint.

The Organizer can, depending on the documents and evidence submitted by the teams involved, either dismiss the complaint or validate, either partly or entirely, the complaint.

No bugs or glitches allowed.

Players shall not use any bugs or glitches known by the esports community, whether or not specifically mentioned in the Official Ruleset. In the event the Organizer determines that a participant voluntarily used a bug and/or a glitch which gave an unfair advantage, the Organizer may decide to either return to the state of the game before the bug or glitch occurred (if possible) or inflict a penalty. Organizer determines at its sole discretion if the bug or glitch has been voluntarily or involuntarily used.


In the event of disconnection, the following rules apply:

If the match is involuntarily interrupted (e.g.: servers crash, network interruption,…), the Organizer will either have the possibility (i) to return to the state of the game before the problem occurred, (ii) to start a new match with the same settings, or (iii) designate the winner of the match (and final placement).

If the match is voluntarily interrupted, the player who voluntarily disconnected will be disqualified.

The Organizer can decide at its sole discretion if the match has been voluntarily or involuntarily interrupted and decide if the individual matches will be restarted or continued. The decision will be shared with all the players through match lobbies in the match room chat..


Players do not have the right to pause the game.

Communication with third-party

This restriction also includes obtaining information related to the match in progress via external sources (e.g.: streaming channels, social networks, communication tools,…).

Gaining advantages by communications with third parties during the match is not allowed.

Records and Broadcast

Any matches of any stage of the tournaments might be broadcasted or recorded by the organizer at any point.

Players are allowed to stream and record their point of view. For a stream, a minimum delay of 10 minutes is mandatory.


In the event that a team is unable to participate in a match, for any reason whatsoever, this player will be considered forfeit for that match. A team considered forfeit for a match loses the match.

Rules Changes

The Organizer reserves the right to modify these Official Ruleset at any time, without any obligation to follow a specific process beforehand, without notice and without consequences. The Organizer agrees to contact the players via all the usual communication channels, including by e-mail, to inform them of any modifications to the Tournament format or in case of a change to the times of any matches.

Code of conduct

In order to provide a rewarding tournament experience for all, the Organizer requires players to play calmly, respect each other, demonstrate good sportsmanship, be honest, fair-play, show respect to spectators, players and Organizers.

By participating in the Tournament, each player agrees to respect the relevant laws and rules as well as the Code of Conduct and the various stipulations and conditions of these Rules.

These rules of conduct are intended to provide a non-exhaustive list of the various behaviors that are prohibited or dishonest, or that could lead to unfair advantages. The Organizer reserves the right to modify these rules of conduct at any time, as well as to take any appropriate disciplinary steps in the case of actions that go against the code of conduct, whether said action is specifically mentioned in the list below or not.

The following behaviors can lead to disciplinary sanctions:

  • Refusal to follow the Organizer’s instructions, which are necessary to ensure that the Tournament runs smoothly;
  • Arriving late for the tournament;
  • Poor sportsmanship;
  • Choosing a username or broadcasting content that implies a false association with the Organizers or that is vulgar, obscene, offensive, immoral, illicit or harmful to a third party;
  • Harassment, following, threatening, intimidation or other harmful behavior towards other participants or towards the Organizers;
  • Communication of any content that could be considered offensive, including material that is illegal, insulting, injurious, threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene, sexual, racist or defamatory, whether it be on grounds of race, political or religious opinions or sexual orientation; in general anything that is unethical or unsportsmanlike or punishable by law or a relevant rule;
  • The public sharing of private and confidential communication between the Organizers and players;
  • Intentional disconnection during a game;
  • Publication of marketing or promotional content;
  • Publication of content that could harm the reputation or image of the Organizers or of a third party;
  • Creation of a false identity or impersonation of a third party;
  • Direct or indirect offers, promises, donations, gifts or any other kind of benefit to an Organizer with the aim of gaining an advantage during the Tournament;
  • Publication of the personal information of other players (such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) in a public space, whether it be on social media, a website, or any other channel;
  • Deliberate use or exploitation of a bug in the video game to gain an unfair advantage, whether or not it is specifically mentioned in the Official Ruleset;
  • Fraudulently accessing or maintaining access to all or any part of the automated data processing systems;
  • Use of a cheating program that modifies the features of the game, its rules, its data or its graphics;
  • Tampering with or obstruction of an automated data system, whether it relates to the video game or a service;
  • Transmission or aiding in the transmission of technological viruses, corrupted data or any other method intended to hinder the proper functioning of an automated data system.
  • Failure to notify the Organizers of the existence of a bug or a fault that could allow someone to gain an unfair advantage during a match;
  • Not doing his or her best effort to win a match;
  • Betting or establishing a system for illicit betting on the Tournament;

Manipulation of the ranking of the Tournament

The behaviors listed, along with any other harmful behavior, whether committed intentionally or unintentionally or simply attempted, are punishable by a sanction in the manner defined in these Rules.

Any person who, through help or assistance, facilitates the preparation or commission of the infringement may also be subject to a disciplinary sanction.

Players can inform the Organizers of any harmful behavior or content relating to the Tournament.

Players may not, by any means, promote, advertise or associate with companies in the following sectors or products:

  • Tobacco products;
  • Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaporizers;
  • Alcoholics beverages;
  • Pharmaceutical products or services;
  • Entertainment services for adults only (including pornography);
  • Products from the firearms industry;
  • Gambling, betting, lottery, fantasy league;
  • Any illicit product or service;

Any product or service that may be detrimental to Organizers business.

Applicable Disciplinary Sanctions

If a player violates these Rules, in particular the code of conduct, the Organizer reserves the right to sanction the offending player in accordance with the seriousness of the infraction committed.

The Organizer may inflict to a player with the following sanctions depending on the degree, severity and repetition of the violation, in the order of severity as follows:

  • Warning;
  • Loss of a Match;
  • Tournament Disqualification;
  • Prizes Removal;
  • Banning from the Tournament and future tournament.

In addition to these disciplinary penalties, the Organizers reserve the right to take legal actions, both civil and/or criminal, against any person who has or who has attempted to interfere with the smooth running of the Tournament, in particular by participating in a case of cheating, fraud, or damage to an automated data processing system, whether or not he/she has participated in the Tournament.


During the Tournament, the Organizers may have reason to communicate privately with one or more Players. Any messages intended exclusively for one or more specific persons will be considered as private correspondence.

Private correspondence is protected as ‘secret’ and the recipients of the messages are not authorized to publicly reveal the content of these messages.  Anyone who discloses private correspondence without authorization can be held civilly or criminally liable.

Personality Rights

The participant authorizes royalty-free, the Organizers, the companies of their respective groups, their affiliates, their subsidiaries, the commercial and media partners of the Tournament, or any person acting on their behalf, to fix, capture, record the image (including the voice, the silhouette, the surname, the pseudonym), by any means or media (photography, video, recording,…) and to exploit, use, reproduce, exhibit, publish, broadcast, display, represent, modify, adapt, translate, sub-title, the image, surname, pseudonym and/or voice, of the participant, in all media, known or unknown, on any medium, in particular on any Internet website and mobile adaptation or declination, including the websites of the Organizers, of their respective groups, their affiliates, their subsidiaries, the commercial and media partners of the Tournament, the page of the social networks of these companies, the services offered by these companies, the television channels (via linear TV, cable TV or satellite, internet IPTV or non-linear TV such as catch-up, VOD, SVOD, OOH, in-flight entertainment), the press publications, both in digital and in paper edition, in any format, including but not limited to CD-Rom, DVD, Blu-Ray, computer, mobile phone, in any language, by any means known or unknown, worldwide, on a perpetual basis. This authorization also includes the video, footages or images sent by the participant to the Organizers, and the right to broadcast any action made on the Game (e.g.: gameplay).

Intellectual Property

The brands, logos, software, drawings, models, databases, online services and video games used during the Tournament are protected under intellectual and industrial property provisions and belong to the holders of the respective rights. Any reproduction of material or representation of rights is strictly forbidden.

Limitation of Liability

Participation in the Tournament implies that players fully understand and accept the characteristics and technical limitations of electronic communication networks. The player recognises that the online services are provided “as is”, without any guarantee, and that use of them is at his or her own risk and peril. The Organizer cannot guarantee that the services will not be interrupted, that they will be exempt from faults or that anomalies will be corrected; they will not be held responsible for any partial or complete interruption of certain services used during the Tournament.

Epilepsy warnings: some people may experience epileptic seizures or have momentary loss of consciousness when viewing certain kinds of flashing lights or patterns that are commonly present in daily environments. These persons may need to take special precautions before using the Game. In the event you have experienced symptoms linked to an epileptic condition (e.g.: loss of awareness or a seizure), immediately consult your doctor before using any video games.

Any direct or indirect damage inflicted upon the player or third parties during the Tournament is neither the responsibility of the Organizer nor of its commercial or media partners, unless a serious fault is found with regards to safety requirements.

The responsibility of the Organizer is strictly limited to the organization of the Tournament and the provision of information necessary for participation.

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